2014 – November 2

Errol: Usually I start the month off slowly and only introduce a few characters. However, the weekend is when all the characters get together for crazy things and already I’ve thrown a chat comic at you. Ah well! I haven’t had a chance to update the bio. Rajni was from last year and may make […]

2013 – December #1

Errol: Good morning all! It’s the 1st December after NaNoWriMo! My TGIO is tomorrow, Monday, so I’ve made the NaNoToons for Monday. That means one more comic. 😀 I did make my 50k, Huzzah! And I also had my last gig of 2013! I can take a break! And finally, the last ML Update from […]

2013 – November #13

Errol: There is a discussion on the forum I remember reading about how NaNoWriMo is a fandom now. Pretty crazy, but awesome at the same time! And yes, there is a musical. Although, all of you know that by now. Oh, and while were on to fandoms, a close friend of mine does some HP […]

2013 – November #6

Errol: I have a new character, one of the few new characters this year. I figured I would keep it simple, and not go too crazy on how many people I should introduce. I chose her name from an x-ray technician that x-rayed my foot. I asked her how to spell her name. She probably […]