2014 – December 1

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been following. Please, take a look at my good friend Kari Maaren, who has her own webcomic. It’s weird and wonderful!
I can’t believe another year has gone by. Wow. These comics have been going on for a while, haven’t they? Who knows what’s going to happen next year? I’m not going to think about it. Maybe I will get a chance to tour my local regions and play songs. That’d be cool. *laugh*
BTW, my sense of humour is pretty much the same everywhere. If you’re interested, I do have another webcomic, which… is going on hiatus in the month of December. Hunh. Oh well. There’ s over a 1000 though, so you can catch up. ^_^

Anyway, have a great year, everyone! And if you ever meet me, please say hi!

20 comments on “2014 – December 1

  1. Yay, Rajni! I’m so glad she finally made an appearance! And I’m glad ERROL finally wrote himself in, besides just in the NOWD comic. 🙂 Thanks for another great month-ish of comics, and I can’t wait til next NaNo. I started off this year with hopes of doing it again, but with a daughter born at the end of September and me getting back to work, it did not work out. Next year!

    1. *laugh* Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the comics! I did and had lots of fun! And hopefully you’ll have more time to get involved! I hear you on busyness…

  2. Yay! And wait, Rob won last year? Really?! Huh. Who’d have thought! Poor Dave, though… And hooray, Rajni – making sure that there is a future generation for the Young Writer’s Program. 😀

  3. Fare thee well, NaNoToons! This was a wonderful year!
    Also, I read through all of West of Bathurst in about a day and a half because IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

  4. I feel empty, with no goals or purpose to my free time. I do have goals and purpose, some of which involve that novel I just finished, but there’s no more community or mutual encouragement. Until next year, NaNoWriMo…

  5. Yay, another November come and gone… thank you so much for the NaNoToons, they always brighten my NaNoWriMo. 🙂

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