2013 – November #10

Nanotoons_2013_Nov_10Errol: You know, I started this format of the confusing conversations two years ago. I know that it’s hard to follow without context. But I really liked them. However, now that there is a way to actually gauge what readers think, I really should pose it to you guys. Are these too confusing for new readers? Or old readers?

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  1. Works well enough for me- despite the fact that I’m feeling like I should be dead today (exhaustion, not depression before you ask)

  2. I didn’t find you last year until the last couple days of NaNo, so I’m kinda a new reader, I guess. I think this perfectly conveys conversations at any write in that has more than three people! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this format. Because the characters stay in the same place and there’s a vertical progression, it’s still really easy to follow and give an accurate impression of a crowded room. Really cool.

  4. As a new reader (how did I never discover this before now in all my NaNo years?!) I’m still getting my head around all the character personalities but the conversation format is absolutely fine – took me a moment to work it out but once I did I could follow really easily.

  5. I’m a relatively new reader, and in my first year of NaNoWriMo. This is a totally awesome format! I’ve only been to one or two NaNo events, but this is totally how it is, with a lot of conversations going on about different things all happening at once.

  6. Hiya Errol — old(ish) reader — been following for two years now. I love getting more content with the comic, but definitely find the different chats hard to follow — I would be tempted to read vertically rather than horizontally, but don’t because it doesn’t look like that’s how they’re made to be read, if that makes sense? And also because on the initial strip, it takes some reading to realise that it’s all separate conversations.
    But that may well just be me. And anyway, it hardly ruins my enjoyment — I’m a huge fan and will continue to come back for more!

  7. I guess I’m a medium reader. I didn’t find it confusing at all…but then, I’ve been following this story arc. It might be confusing to someone who is seeing it as their first one. Hopefully no one is doing that. Or if they are, they’re going back to read the rest.

  8. I personally find it just fine to read. Though I am dying to know…what’s a subway writing session? Did I just miss a really normal piece of NaNo vocab or is it something else?

  9. I didn’t find them confusing at all. Really easy to follow, and I think it accurately reflects a crowded room, where everyone is talking at the same time. 🙂

  10. I love this style with the comics once in a while…it’s funny and it seems pretty true to life 😀 (always makes me smile, too…but then ALL the nanotoons do that…)

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