2013 – October Prologue #16

Errol: Allo all! You must forgive me for not getting to comments yesterday, I had a bunch of stuff to do. I know I asked you guys a question, and then didn’t get around to commenting! Gah! Funny thing, last year I had the comics go up at midnight EST. I didn’t realize that and […]

2013 – October Prologue #14

Errol: Allo all! Just to let you know, Debs & Errol decided to throw some music up on bandcamp that relate with NaNoWriMo. All the music from NaNoMusical is up there. Also a CD that we helped produce called NaNoWriMusic. And the best thing? All proceeds go to NaNoWriMo! Huzzah!

2013 – October Prologue #12

Errol: Ok, I’m super excited! Why?! Because I found out that Comic Rocket allows you to navigate the NaNoToons in ORDER! How awesome is that?! Now I don’t have to figure out how to put a decent navigation system on here because they will do it for me! HUZZAH! I am so happy. ^_^ Dance […]

2013 – October Prologue #11

Errol: NaNoToons is comic about NaNoWriMo, so I run into a risk of reusing material. I mean, yes, there is the normal freaking out about November, but I can’t make the comic ALL about that every year, can I? So I have to try and come up with different things! Rob wanting to quit Nano […]