2019 – Final NaNoToon

First off, thank you. Just in case you skip this whole post, I wanted to say “Thank you.” There are some of you who have been with me since the beginning, there are some of you who have just started, but you all have been encouraging, and I am so happy if my comics have […]

2019 – November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States! 😀 You may have wondered why I haven’t done the Thanksgiving comics, but it was because I was always in the middle of some silly plot I would create for the NaNoToons, and I couldn’t fit in. Or it could be because it usually required more […]

2019 – November 25th

The chat, back in the day, was based on a platform called Mibbit. Now, it’s Discord, but to keep the nostalgia going, I kept it as Mibbit. I finally finished my novel! Now I can edit! Huzzah! Currently, we should be at 41,675 for our NaNo novels. I’ve been doing my nano novel in Google […]

2019 – November 22nd

People missed Jen’s freak-outs! Poor Jen. We should be at 36,674 today for our wordcount. I’m almost done my story and got a lot written last night! I’m at a 110%! Hopefully I can get to editing soon. I’ve been dying to edit things in my story.