2013 – December #1


Errol: Good morning all! It’s the 1st December after NaNoWriMo! My TGIO is tomorrow, Monday, so I’ve made the NaNoToons for Monday. That means one more comic. 😀
I did make my 50k, Huzzah! And I also had my last gig of 2013! I can take a break!
And finally, the last ML Update from Val and Rick. It’s shorter, so don’t worry, and… honestly, every time I see the end. I laugh. It’s awesome. ^_^

15 comments on “2013 – December #1

  1. I really like this comic! Events don’t necessarily make a NaNo experience for a person (ie “me”). Huzzah! I can sort of rest now too! (already having panic attacks about upcoming tasks)

  2. You know, I actually wouldn’t mind not finding out who FerretFox is. It actually makes sense that an internet connection would not necessarily lead to a physical connection. I had a few of those in my day, including one that threw me off my mood for months. 🙁

  3. NaNo is over. November is done. I can sleep for the next month……. What d’ya mean it’s Christmas? Since when does December follow NaNo? O.o I have sooooooooooo much to do now……… *bangs head on desk*

  4. In the four years I’ve done NaNo, this is the first time I went to any events, and it was only the kick-off party (granted, my region didn’t exist during the first two years, but I probably still would not have gone). I partake some in the online community, but going to events would just stress me more than I need during such a crucial time.
    One more comic…I sure hope we get to find out if Rob won or not.

  5. It’s December first
    Thousands of people finally sleeping
    The month is over and now we’re breathing
    50,000 words written in a month
    Everyone’s a winner
    Even if they’re not….
    It’s December first
    This NaNoWriMo was the best
    Parties, socials, TGIO
    But did I write words?
    My computer says no
    At writing sessions I always roam
    Maybe next time I should just stay at home
    My very best NaNoWriMo
    How many words did I write?
    I won’t say
    Now it’s time to sit and edit
    I think I’d rather…. forget it.
    That’s as far as I got, but I thought I’d share. I realized this morning what the date was, and once I put it to the tune of November 1st, it just kinda…mostly flowed out.

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