2015 – October 31

Wow, I’m busier at this conference than I thought I’d be. I didn’t realize my evenings would be so booked! I just have to squeak out more NaNoToons! It didn’t help that I was given a Selfie Stick. For those that followed my instagram last year during NOWD, you know how much I like selfies…

2015 – October 30

Allo all! I’m currently in San Jose right now, but if you check the facebook page, you’ll see I was working on NaNoToons on the plane! Huzzah! And…interesting things happened to me at the airport. ^_^ I hope to put it in the comic on My Neighbor Errol!

2015 – October 29

Oh, if anyone is wondering, yes there will be an actual comic. I just thought this would be easier considering I don’t have a buffer up. I was wrong, of course. These took me a lot longer than I expected.

2015 – October 27

Ok, I checked this, and this time I’m pretty darn sure all the names are correct! I’m so sorry about that! And yesterday, I was at an Escape Room Unconference, so although I saw people tweet me it was wrong, there was nothing I could do about it! Bummer! What’s an Escape Room Unconference? Well… […]

2015 – October 26

EDIT: Blargh!! I made a mistake already! It is supposed to say MEL not Jen. Sorry! EDIT2: It’s now fixed! ^_^ Hello! It’s getting closed to NaNoWriMo! Huzzah! Are you guys ready? Good grief, I am not, but I’ve been grumbling about that for a while. First off, I did a #NaNoSelfieSprint Video, a challenge […]