2019 – November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States! 😀 You may have wondered why I haven’t done the Thanksgiving comics, but it was because I was always in the middle of some silly plot I would create for the NaNoToons, and I couldn’t fit in. Or it could be because it usually required more […]

2019 – November 25th

The chat, back in the day, was based on a platform called Mibbit. Now, it’s Discord, but to keep the nostalgia going, I kept it as Mibbit. I finally finished my novel! Now I can edit! Huzzah! Currently, we should be at 41,675 for our NaNo novels. I’ve been doing my nano novel in Google […]

2019 – November 22nd

People missed Jen’s freak-outs! Poor Jen. We should be at 36,674 today for our wordcount. I’m almost done my story and got a lot written last night! I’m at a 110%! Hopefully I can get to editing soon. I’ve been dying to edit things in my story.