2019 – November 19th

Back in 2009, before I got involved, there were four more characters. 😀

Although not officially of the same universe, I guess I just made them be of the same universe. Considering Jen and Rob had been doing NaNo for five years when they were first introduced in 2010, it makes sense they were involved in 2009 in the same region.

Of course, when 2010 started, Debbie Ohi and I decided to restart with new characters.

9 comments on “2019 – November 19th

  1. Wait, I thought Moxie and Ed were in a totally different universe (at least a totally different region). I also like to think that they ended up together because they made such a good couple. However, the world had less color back then.

  2. I totally forgot about Ed and Moxie, and Mo! Hey, was there a Nancy? Poor Mel. I’d forgotten that she hates word wars too.

  3. I’ve spent the past couple days binging every NaNoToon… I was just wondering about the original gang when this panel came up. It’s so nice to have so many characters all together. Gosh, I love NaNoToons. I’m really glad the 2019 “season” wrapped things up so well.

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