NaNoToons is a series of webcomics about NaNoWriMo created by Debbie Ridpath Ohi and Errol Elumir. Debbie did some years, Errol did other years, and still others were joint efforts. Debbie & Errol have decided to put ALL their NaNoWriMo comics in ONE PLACE.
– About Errol (started Nanotoons in 2010)
About Debbie (has been doing comics about NaNoWriMo since mid-early 2000s, did NaNocomics for the official site for a couple of years before co-authoring with Errol in 2010 & 2012)

Can you believe this blurry pic is one of two photos I can find of Debbie and I?
2017 – Debbie and Errol at Debbie’s book launch “Sam & Eva”.

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  1. You guys Rock! I’ve kept up with NanoToons ever since I first saw them. You know, here’s a suggestion. Compile them into a book… I know *I* would buy it. 😀 Just a suggestion. 😀

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