2013 – November #6

Errol: I have a new character, one of the few new characters this year. I figured I would keep it simple, and not go too crazy on how many people I should introduce.
I chose her name from an x-ray technician that x-rayed my foot. I asked her how to spell her name. She probably thought I was weird. 😀
I’m in the process of front-loading all the comics, because I will be on a plane on thursday.
If by any chance you are going to Orycon, by all means, come say hi to me! ^_^

9 comments on “2013 – November #6

  1. Hum…at first I thought she had really large…well, it took me awhile to figure out she was pregnant. LOL Nice drawing, Errol.

  2. Is it weird that i’m amused that she is pregnant and that i wonder if the baby will play a vital role later?? LOL

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