2019 – November 10th

Look! A comic about writing! Hah!

Currently, you should be at 16670!

Yesterday, I was able to get a lot of writing done, and I did two escape rooms and got a board game order which is tempting me a lot for this evening.

So far, I’ve made it to 9856! I’m at 60% of what I should be! Huzzah!

By the way, there was far more gout talk than I expected. Tala says random things, remember. 😀

2019 – November 9th

For the record, for any of you who are worried that Tala has gout, don’t be.

And I finally started writing my novel! Huzzah! At this moment, I have 3278 words! Ha ha ha!

Today, we’re supposed to be at 15003. Hmm, why don’t I put expected word count on these webcomics, that would have been cool. All this time, I never thought of doing that until now. Good grief.

Anyway, that means I’m about 78% behind. I can do this! Ha ha ha!

2019 – November 8th

Jen should just give in. Mel’s word count was through the roof because of Tala. Can you imagine writing about both Rob and Tala? 😀

And did I mentioned I’ve finished all the comics for NaNoToons? I’ve also finished the k-drama we were watching and some of the anime! Now I have no excuse but to write!

Although, tomorrow, we’re going to an escape room. But hey!

2019 – November 7th

Sorry this is late! I didn’t get a chance to schedule things last night, and then there were insane subway woes such that I couldn’t get to work but needed to do a training session! (I’m a tech writer at my work, and in charge of training as well).

But last night, I finished the 30th NaNoToon! Huzzah!! I’m so happy! 😀

2019 – November 4th

Huzzah! My weekend was productive! I finished all the way up to the 24th of November for NaNoToons. I only need about 6 more and then I’m done. 😀

Although, I still have board game night tonight, so I guess it won’t be tonight. And tomorrow is an Escape Room Enthusiast meetup, so it won’t be tomorrow. And Wednesday is a going away dinner, and Thursday another board game meetup.

I should have cleared my schedule for NaNo. But I didn’t. Good grief, silly me.