2019 – November 6th

Sometimes I throw references into the NaNoToons and wonder if people get them. Other times, I’m sure people don’t, but it doesn’t stop me from throwing those references in. 😀

11 comments on “2019 – November 6th

    1. Straws in the nose. That’s a time-honored fake walrus look. Oh what you’ve missed by being born after the 80s! We can discuss this in greater depth after dinner, if you like.

      1. See, I’ve been around long enough to know about straws in the nose. But in that panel, it looks as much like whatever’s in their nose was also stuck in the bottoms of their mouths. And going back a day, they mentioned chopsticks…so I thought they had stretched their faces with chopsticks, for some reason that I just didn’t get.

        1. Those are chopsticks!

          And they did shove it into their mouths. 😀 It’s a reference to One Piece.

          But yeah, I put straws in my nose too.

          1. I definitely didn’t get that reference, but then I’m not much into anime. It just sounds painful to me (the chopsticks in the mouth, not the anime).

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