2019 – November 20th

Let’s see, where am I when it comes to wordcount? We should be at 33,340 words about now. I’m at 99% of that. I fell a bit behind. But I got some writing in last night, so that’s exciting! In google docs, that’s about 92 pages. That’s a lot of pages. I feel sorry for people who may have to read this…

2019 – November 19th

Back in 2009, before I got involved, there were four more characters. 😀

Although not officially of the same universe, I guess I just made them be of the same universe. Considering Jen and Rob had been doing NaNo for five years when they were first introduced in 2010, it makes sense they were involved in 2009 in the same region.

Of course, when 2010 started, Debbie Ohi and I decided to restart with new characters.

2019 – November 18th

The crew first appeared back in 2010. That’s when I asked Debbie Ridpath Ohi, the original author of NaNoToons, if I could join her! We decided to draw the comics together. I would imitate her original style, and each of us would draw different days.

I wonder if people could tell which was her sense of humour, and which was mine. 😀

2019 – November 17th

By the way, if you don’t know what Rob is talking about, he’s referring to November 7th.

And sorry this comic was late today. I was sitting around, trying to get some stuff done and then I was thinking, “Wait, did I forget to do anything today? Augh! I didn’t post NaNoToons!”


2019 – November 15th

Ooooh! It’s halfway! I got no writing done last night. I played a board game called Too Many Bones for almost five hours last night. Good grief.

Although, I was a bit ahead of the game yesterday, so of the 25,005 words we had to write, I’m at 101% of that. Yippeee!

EDIT: For some reason, this didn’t go out as scheduled. In my wordpress, it says “Missed Schedule”. If it knows enough that it missed the schedule, why didn’t it send it out? *laugh*

2019 – November 14th

Alllo! I caught up! Huzzah!

Today, you should be at 23,338. I’m at a 108% of that.

Also, Kari mentioned the third panel was awkward, but I kept it as is because I didn’t know how else to say it. 🙂

Kari does edit everything for me, because I make so many mistakes. 😀 Thanks, Kari! You should check out her time-travel webcomic!

2019 – November 13th

I’m up late writing, silly me, but I was really excited for my story! I’m happy about that. I write on the subway too, on my phone. There are so many things I want to get down, and because it’s my phone, I don’t mind editing too much. Woops. There I go editing again.

Currently, we should be at 21, 671 words for NaNoWriMo. I am at 99.4% of that! Ha ha ha ha! I’ve almost caught up! 😀