2019 – November 4th

Huzzah! My weekend was productive! I finished all the way up to the 24th of November for NaNoToons. I only need about 6 more and then I’m done. 😀

Although, I still have board game night tonight, so I guess it won’t be tonight. And tomorrow is an Escape Room Enthusiast meetup, so it won’t be tomorrow. And Wednesday is a going away dinner, and Thursday another board game meetup.

I should have cleared my schedule for NaNo. But I didn’t. Good grief, silly me.

7 comments on “2019 – November 4th

    1. Last night, we played Marco Polo. We’re also going through Gloomhaven during the weekends. Last week, we played Tapestry, and also going through Pandemic Legacy, Season 1. Yes. I have a lot of board game nights. 😀

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