2019 – November 21st

There are now six characters in the panels. That was hard to put all in. 😀

After I schedule this, I’m going to write, so I don’t know what my word count will be. I do know we should be at 35,007 for today. Whoo boy.

6 comments on “2019 – November 21st

  1. Ha ha. I do remember that guy trying to pick up Victoria. I don’t recall the wonder twins…oh wait, is that Rob and Tala?

    1. I haven’t been to a regional write in for a long time. I should go. Just to see what’s up and if what I write is remotely close to real life. I don’t think it is. Hah!

  2. Actually, I’d like to see Victoria’s memory of seeing Dave’s cover that he made of her with her in the leather bikini back in 2010 and seeing Victoria punch his lights out. Also, I’d like to see how he actually managed to get her to come back around to him.

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