2019 – November 16th

And just so you don’t have to search like I had to search, here is October 18th, 2013. Remember when I had time to do October comics too? Ha ha, those were the days.

Let’s see, we should be at 26,672 for the comics. You know, I should put those totals on the comics themselves! That’d be smart of me. Oh well. Did I already say that? I probably did. I’m getting old.

6 comments on “2019 – November 16th

  1. OH wow! What an awesome flashback! 😀 Thank you for all the years of joy, Errol. <3 I'm loving this last season so much!

  2. Alright so which one of them got Dave into NaNo then, Jen or Rob? Because now he’s said it to both of them and I’m confused.

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