2013 – October Prologue #4

Poor Rob! *laugh* If you’ve noticed, I’ve made a slight change to the style of the comics. This was mainly to make my life a little easier, actually. Before, I would try and match Debbie Ohi’s style, however, she did everything by hand because she’s crazy talented!
I do it all digitally with a mouse. It’s slower than by hand, I think, so I’ve made simpler shapes for me to go quicker!

18 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #4

  1. I love how the art style for NaNoToons has changed a little every year. We’ve gone from Rob’s weird plaid bandannas that are different every day to the fact that Jen’s hairclip now stays on just the one side of her head.
    And I’ve pretty much been doing what Dave is doing ever since yesterday. HOW CAN ROB GIVE UP ON NANO?!? IT’S WITCHCRAFT, I SAY! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE. BUT DON’T BURN THE STEAK, I WANT THAT FOR DINNER.

    1. Wait, didn’t Jen’s hairclip always stay on the same side of her head? I mean, I REALLY tried in the past year to do that. I think. I don’t recall. *LAUGH*
      And poor Rob! Give him some slack! *laugh*

  2. Ahh I’m so happy these are back! 😀 These NaNoToons have gotten me through the past two years of NaNo! ^.~ I actually told my friend I wasn’t doing NaNo this year, jokingly, to freak her out and she reacted pretty much exactly like Dave xD

          1. When friends walk quiet and then scare me we joke that said friend should wear a bell. I’ve been one of the ones who needed a bell. It’s fun.

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