2013 – October Prologue #11

Errol: NaNoToons is comic about NaNoWriMo, so I run into a risk of reusing material. I mean, yes, there is the normal freaking out about November, but I can’t make the comic ALL about that every year, can I?
So I have to try and come up with different things! Rob wanting to quit Nano was the thing I came up with this year, not because I wanted to start a controversy, but because I wanted something different. 😀
Man, what will happen in five years time? Will I still be doing these? Will it be taken over by someone else? Maybe I should just focus on getting the rest of NaNoToons drawn and not worry about it.
Good grief, November starts in a week, and the rest of the NaNoToons aren’t done. You know what else isn’t done? Songs. I haven’t written any. *sigh*

23 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #11

    So long’s it doesn’t get in the way of my DECA prep or school-type-things, I’m more than happy to offer my assistance. I just need to find a better mic and re-download Audacity. ^-^

  2. Maybe you could bring in a new character or some other source of conflict! (I’ve always been a sucker for romance)

  3. “I HAVEN’T WORKED ON MY OUTLINE!” is pretty much what I said yesterday when I realized today marked 1 week ’til NaNo. I need to go back to the beginning of October (but without the weekend rendezvous and extra work that caused this problem in the first place). So, about that TARDIS…

  4. I don’t read this as Rob is quitting, just taking a year off. Maybe if he takes a break (and obliterates November instead, er, I mean participates in), he’ll see what he’s missing out on and will return the next year…

  5. Oh Jen. I haven’t written my outline either–but I just sent out my ML broadcast, doesn’t that count for something? LOL. I guess I know where my weekend is going…

  6. Aw, the “freaking out” begins.
    I should be more worried than I am, considering NaNo is fast approaching and I’ve done zilch.

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