2013 – October Prologue #13


Errol: Hah, I guess I know when Rob’s birthday is now. And the thing is, I will have to follow that for the upcoming years. I hope I remember, I’m not good at remembering birthdays. Maybe I should put Rob on facebook so that I can remember his birthday. Ha! ^_^
Victoria: It’s Rob’s birthday! They’re going for pho! …I’ve still never had pho. (I have allergies and I’m not sure what’s in the broth that might kill me.) Shhh. Don’t tell Debs.

20 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #13

  1. Um, dude…. You have bios for these characters, right? Why not make sure to put his B-day in there? You’re sure to have someone remind you if you mess it up in the future that way….. eeeerrrr….. I meant that you would then have a place to look it up. Yeah. That one.

    Maybe I should focus more on my MLP fanfic since I’m not planning for NaNo now and I had promised I would get the next xhapter out before November…

  3. I’m basically going to be Jen on the 1st. A friend is getting married and I may end up spending a few minutes writing at the reception…

  4. Rob and I have the same birthday!!! Sadness that I didn’t see this until today. BUT YEAH, I FOUND IT!! 😀

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