2013 – October Prologue #16


Errol: Allo all! You must forgive me for not getting to comments yesterday, I had a bunch of stuff to do. I know I asked you guys a question, and then didn’t get around to commenting! Gah!
Funny thing, last year I had the comics go up at midnight EST. I didn’t realize that and coincided it with my other comic. It’s much easier that way, because now, it’s past midnight and I didn’t miss it. *laugh*

7 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #16

  1. Yay!!!! You’re doing NanoComics again!!!! (I’ve just found out) Second to getting those words out, this is the best part of doing Nano! I love these characters! Thank you so much for putting the effort and the fun. It’s much-much-much appreciated 😀

  2. I also just found this! I had read all the past years’ NaNoToons back in April, love them! I’m so excited about doing NaNoWriMo for the first time and being able to read a new NaNoToon strip every day in real time! Really looking forward to see how these characters develop 🙂

  3. Here’s hoping we see one more pre-NaNo freak out from Jen tomorrow. I was channeling her 2 nights ago, when I was trying to focus on my outline. My husband and son were here, and I was talking to them about how I didn’t feel like I was ready. Apparently I got a little over-enthusiastic in my concern (okay, I was screaming something about it being only a few days away), because my son said something like, “You’re freaking out like other people do about NaNo.” It was so noticeable, because I’m not usually like that. I am a bit more anxious this year, apparently.

  4. I love nanotoons! I’m so glad we get another year of them!
    (That said, I’m Jen-ing right now because mono+midterms means that I have had zero prep time for nano. I was looking at my schedule and went whoa wait, it CAN’T be November 1st on Friday! I’m not ready yet! XD oh well!)
    I like how the cast has a variety of nano types. Some who barely make it, some who barely try, some overachievers, some freak outers… really makes me feel “normal”. Thanks for that!

  5. I was exactly like Rob last year! And it was the first NaNo I managed to win too – I hope he wins, he really needs it, poor guy…
    I’m MLing for the first time this year so I’m super nervous but everything’s going well so far.
    NaNoToons are awesome – they’re all so accurate!

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