2016 – November 19th

You know, when I write these things, I do take inspiration from people I’ve interacted with. ^_^ It’s bachelor weekend for me. My family is away so I’m all alone. So far, I have about three escape rooms booked, a board game night, and some movies to catch up on. This is why my nano […]

2016 – November 18th

Allo all! Eon commented about the blurbs disappearing under each comment and that was my fault! I think I have it figured out now, so hopefully it won’t happen again (and I will go back and fix all the old comics too! ^_^) Thanks so much for pointing it out, Eon. And by all means, […]

2016 – November 16th

By the way, if you’re looking to do some procrastination, did I mention that I did another webseries with Manpans? I may have! If I have, woops. Sorry. I tend to repeat myself because I’m old. One of the difficult things to do in this webcomic is NOT repeat myself. I keep thinking to myself, […]

2016 – November 15th

Halfway! Huzzah! I hope you guys are doing awesome! OK! A lot of people keep talking about whom they relate to in NaNoToons, so I shall poll it! You may not know all the characters, but I included them all. I hope. Watch me forget someone. I hope not. [polldaddy poll=9580250]

2016 – November 13th

Oh bother. I forgot to schedule the comic for today at the normal time. Yesterday, I finally finished all of NaNoToons! Huzzah! But did I post today’s? No. Blargh. I also got a chance to write as well. In the end, I only wrote 1000 words. Good grief. I’m writing a non-fiction work, and a […]