2016 – November 17th

Whoa, this may be one of the few comics where Mel isn’t in it!
I mean, there are many years like that, but these two years have been her as the protagonist. 😀
And happy ML appreciation day! Go give them a hug… but ask first to see if it’s ok! 😀

2 comments on “2016 – November 17th

  1. So for a few days I haven’t seen any of your comments under the comic, which was odd. I thought maybe you were posting them without anything extra, but I didn’t think you’d do that… Today I realized there is a “Read more of this post” button now. I have to click on it to get redirected to the website to read what you wrote. Not cool. Tell WordPress to stop messing with things that happen normally! 🙂
    Other than that, keep up the awesome comics. I’ve been reading them for years, and I LOVE THEM! I look forward to them starting every October. Thank you guys for doing these every year. You add that something extra special to the month of November for sure. Last year’s ending had me crying with a beautiful inspiration, and my writer inside of me, and my sister who is a struggling writer, both very much appreciated it. My favorite so far.

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