2016 – November 15th

Halfway! Huzzah! I hope you guys are doing awesome!
OK! A lot of people keep talking about whom they relate to in NaNoToons, so I shall poll it! You may not know all the characters, but I included them all. I hope. Watch me forget someone. I hope not.
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11 comments on “2016 – November 15th

  1. How about Rajni? I do like Rajni.
    But Tala is definitely me unconstrained. I am bad enough right now with a bit of constrain on my thoughts and my actions. I get lost focus in a conversation fairly often. Pretend that I’m listening while I’m trying to piece back the 5 seconds worth of words I missed in my head is an art that I had to learn when I was a kid. I’m pretty convincing now.
    And I have the most free time this year compared to the past 3 years I’ve been doing Nano and it so happens that it’s the slowest. And I do want to win. And yet half of me feels like I shouldn’t bother 😛
    And in case you haven’t noticed, I talk… a lot.

  2. Definitely Fran (from several years ago) for me. Not only does she look like a cartoon version of my younger self (back when I kept my hair in two plaits instead of one) but she’s a fellow overachiever – she and I both aimed for more than 50k right from our first NaNo.

    1. Wait, I went to check the character bios to see when she first appeared and maybe she does only have one plait.
      Anyway, she also appeared in the same year I started NaNo (2012) so there’s that as well 🙂

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