2015 – November 6th

I’m all paranoid now whether or not I have the correct comic up. I’m also running out of the buffer. Will need to finish some more comics tomorrow night. In other news, though, I’m somewhat caught up on words! Huzzah! At least, for yesterday.
Anyone out there ever feel nervous about meeting brand new people for the first time? ^_^ You can sympathize with Mel.

14 comments on “2015 – November 6th

    1. Haha…I only looked at the day and missed the month. Silly Errol. We’re going to have to change the saying…To Errol is human.

  1. You have the right one. 🙂
    When it comes to NaNo, no…but I’ve met so many new people by now, it’s old hat. My anxiety comes to getting to new places…will there be easy parking? Will I get lost? Will anyone else show up? Maybe that’s because I don’t care what other people think of me, but I do care about my car being safe and accessible. LOL

  2. I organized a Write-in for today (by organized I mean, put up an announcement saying I’m going to be “here” at such and such time so if anyone wants to join me…) I’m a little nervous both that people either will or won’t show up. I’m an introvert, you see.

  3. I would never go anywhere or meet anyone new if it weren’t for Logan pushing me to do so. And usually he has to be there too. This year, I’m working up the nerve to go to a write-in for the first time, because I’m out of legitimate excuses not to go (there’s a weekly one in my own town this year, rather than the next town over, 45 minutes away). Since I’d have to go alone, I found reasons to skip the first one. I’m aiming for the next one though (Tuesday).

      1. I did go, and it was fun! It was a very small group, only 5 writers total, including me and my sister. And they were all new to NaNo (besides my sister, who did her first NaNo last year)! I tried not to be all superior with my NaNo experience and terminology, but I may have gotten a little over-excited a few times. It’s probably good that my natural shyness held me back from being too much like….well….you.

  4. No write- ins for me! Getting there, meeting new people, trying to find an acceptable place to sit so the anxiety doesn’t get out of control is too much stress.

  5. This is me today trying to decide if I should even bother going to the Writein that would be an hour drive (and I would have to leave early to get daughter, meaning people would look at me when I make noise and be annoyed)…or just go to a local spot and write alone. sigh

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