2015 – November 5th

I’m on a plane now, finally returning home. I hope to get a lot of writing on that plane.
I’ll probably sleep though!
E: Oh crumbs, did I post things out of order? *sigh* Sorry about that.

13 comments on “2015 – November 5th

  1. heh i thought i forgot what day it was again. nope! not me this time! thanks for the mini-panic 😛
    i should procrastinate on my novel with NANOTOONS FANFIC.
    except that’s a lot of work, and i may as well count that for nano too…

  2. Oh god, this is so me!
    I am way behind (hurrrrrr) and have a session tomorrow after work… I’ll be dead tired though, but hope to bash out some words and at least catch up? :3

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