2014 – Guest Comic

When I went to NOWD, I met all sorts of wonderful people. I got a chance to talk to your Communications Captain, Lauren Harsma. She does wonderful sketches and I asked her to sketch anything for Thanksgiving! And huzzah! Here it is! (I will make this a thing now. Guest comics on Thanksgiving because hey, why not add to other people’s plates?)

Lauren Harsma creates things – mostly stories and portraits of people she doesn’t know (and which she occasionally displays on Instagram), but sometimes she dabbles the making of delicious cakes, the invention of alien languages, and the fabrication of enormous lies. She lives in Berkeley, where she eats burritos and works as the Communications Captain at NaNoWriMo, but will soon be relocating to Berlin to help launch online publishing house Inkitt.

3 comments on “2014 – Guest Comic

  1. I love dad’s slippers. I used to have a pair a lot like that. Except mine had a row of little rhinestones. 🙂

  2. My family is definitely not that understanding of me writing on Thanksgiving. Last year, my sister pointed out to me in advance that Thanksgiving was very close to the end of the month. She said I had to make sure I was ahead by then, so I wouldn’t be writing on Thanksgiving while we were trying to play games.

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