2014 – November 28

Nanotoons_2014_11_28Errol: Don’t worry, Jen. I have last-minute stress for you. Btw, that would be a hoot. What if we waited until the LAST day of NaNoWriMo to do 50k in a day? Hunh? Wow, that would be super stressful.

8 comments on “2014 – November 28

  1. It is not messed up. The last few days are just not the same when you’re done. I’m getting a little of it this year though, because I want so badly to finish my novel, I know I can’t be lazy with my writing these last 3 days.

  2. There are always a couple of people in the german NaNo forums who try to do 50k in one day, or at least in two days. A few of them pretty much wrote 48 hours straight and then said they saw dark spots and were shaking uncontrollably… Didn’t sound recommendable.

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