3 comments on “2014 – November 27

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Hey are you counting the NaNoToons words and the comments you make? Maybe that will help with the word count. 🙂

  2. I’m very confused by the two comics in one day, but not complaining! My family’s Thanksgiving isn’t until Sunday, so we’re just having a nice, lazy day with Logan off work. I may write later…
    That was a lot of catching up you did yesterday! Keep going like that and you’ll be all set.

  3. At first, my family frowned upon me sneaking off to write on Thanksgiving (I tend to fall terribly far behind and write non-stop around this time of the month). Now, after seven years, they really don’t seem to mind… As long as I come out of hiding for an hour to eat and visit, they’re cool with me barricading a door somewhere in the house so I can write like mad.

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