2012 – November #4

Errol: HUZZAH! A New character! She’s in a new city, she has to meet new people! 😀 And by the way, for those that noticed yesterday, we tag by name. So even though we didn’t say her name, the name was in the tag. 😀
Debbie: Yay for Fran! Our first teen NaNoWriMo character, SO excited about her first NaNoWriMo.

24 comments on “2012 – November #4

      1. I’m fairly sure, Error.
        Debbie, could you be so kind as to explain to Errol that I’ve been out of elementary school for a few years now, and therefore he should snap out of the ludicrous idea that I am twelve years of age? Thanks love.

    1. HA! your next reply made me laugh out loud. 😀 Hey, and I just noticed that I can’t reply to your reply, so had to reply here. And I’ve just used the word “reply” WAY too many times…

  1. *looks at Fran’s brunette braid* *and glasses* Did… did you guys put me in your comic strip? Sure, my first WriMo was when I was 13 (and I would have won, too, if I hadn’t sprained BOTH my arms in a fall!) but still…

  2. I’m so happy to see a teen character on the nanotoons! I was turning 16 when I first heard about NaNoWriMo! It really made me happy to participate my first year and I’ve been back every year since. I’m turning 18 this year, since my birthday is in the middle of Wrimoing (seriously, my birthday is the 15th) and I absolutely love it!!

  3. I wish i had found NaNo when i was a teenager. I’ve been writing since i was 12 (still haven’t finished a novel…. this year is the year!)

  4. I’m pretty sure I was 14 when I did my first NaNo…..Idk. 18-4 is 14, right? Haha, as you can tell, I’m not the best at math. That’s why I’m a writer XD

  5. Whoa. I just realized that I started it when I was twelve.maybe. seems like I’ve been doing it longer, but nano will do that to you.

  6. I was 15 when I did my first NaNo, and I’m 19 now. Not planning on stopping anytime soon! It’s good to see some teen NaNos in the comic!

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