2012 – November #3

Errol: I am awful for writing sessions. I can’t write with people around, and I want to socialize and talk. So… I do everyone a favour and don’t go. 😀
Oh, and btw, Debbie, you can change the colour if you are in Visual tab, and you click the button on the far right that has a bunch of squares in it. That opens up the text editing portion. 😀
Debbie: Thanks for the text editing tip, Errol. Look, I’m pink! I think I’d be ok with writing sessions if other people around me are ignoring me and focusing on their own stuff. I actually do like working in coffee shops, but usually wear headphones & listen to Italian progrock while I write.

12 comments on “2012 – November #3

  1. I’m a mix of both. I can write really well when I’m in a nice place like a coffeeshop…but ’cause I’m an ML, I usually get interrupted like every other sentence. It’s all good though. I love my wrimos and knowing that folks are hammering out a ton of words around me. It’s super inspiring and I can always make up my word count. ^_^ Fun comic! I love it!

  2. This happened to me, in a way. I went to the library to write, ran into a non-writer friend, and spent the whole day talking. Not sorry to see her, but I wrote exactly nothing all day. I had planned for yesterday to be a big writing day, too. Goal: 2.5k. Fail.
    It is good to meet people and talk. Just not during NaNo!

  3. I love this! So so so true! I’m writing a blog on NaNoWriMo, and was hoping I could use this image for the blog entry. I’d, of course, link back to your blog. Let me know!

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