2012 – October Prologue #5

  Errol: Surprisingly enough, Jen has been rather calm for the last few comics. I wonder if she’s finally getting into the groove of NaNoWriMo. 😀 Last year, the prologue comics focused more on being a Municipal Liaison, and it’s not that much different this year. Being an ML can be very rewarding, btw, even […]

2012 – October Prologue #3

Errol: There’s a lot of work that goes into organizing NaNoWrimo. That’s why I feel for the ML’s. Trying to get the venues booked, trying to find out how many people are going, and people always prodding you for answers. That’s why I never wanted to be one. I saw how hard it was! And […]

2012 – October Prologue #1

Errol: Hello! And welcome to another year of Nanotoons! We have a whole host of comics in store for you. I am super pleased that Debbie Ohi is joining me again this year. Last year I was all on my lonesome, and that was difficult! Huzzah for Debbie Ohi! There will be new things afoot, […]

Welcome to the New Site!

Allo! Errol here, welcome to the new site of NaNoToons. We hope to keep all the NaNoToons in one place this year, along with the archives! We have all sorts of things planned for this year. Well, actually, I’m hoping Debbie Ohi has all sorts of things planned. Anyway, if all goes well, we may […]