2012 – October Prologue #5

Errol: Surprisingly enough, Jen has been rather calm for the last few comics. I wonder if she’s finally getting into the groove of NaNoWriMo. 😀
Last year, the prologue comics focused more on being a Municipal Liaison, and it’s not that much different this year. Being an ML can be very rewarding, btw, even though I do go on about how much hard work it is! So, if you are an ML, or know of an ML that has done great work, want to comment on some favourite moments?

7 comments on “2012 – October Prologue #5

  1. Personally, my view is that Victoria would have been in the groove of NaNo long before if not for the whole ML thing increasing her workload

  2. When I did nano last year, I went to the writing sessions alone. Usually I could park close enough to the building, but the first time I was parked really far away and it was late when I left. So the ML walked me to my car.

  3. Last year I had a really touch class load as I’m a student during Nano, and I had a big exam the third week of Nano that had to do with memorizing a lot of terms. My ML help me study during a writing session by shouting out random facts and I had to come up with what term it was related to.

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