2017 – November 15th

The 15th! We’re halfway there. Good grief. Thank you for answering my question yesterday! I think I’m going to try and put a poll on facebook about it, because the majority of the favourite seasons seem to be Jen, Rob, and Dave. I find it fascinating to see which years people like!
What does that mean for the future? Or should there be a future? These are thoughts I sometimes have, because NaNoToons have been around for a very long time.

7 comments on “2017 – November 15th

  1. Yes, please carry on NaNoToons!
    They are the best thing about checking my emails in November- and I sometimes get free coffee emails, so that is high praise 🙂
    I hope your NaNo is going well this year, Errol
    Keeping doing you, Dude

  2. According to Comic Rocket, today is the 365th Nanotoons comic! So congratulations on a whole year’s worth of comics!!!! I do believe a Jen, Dave, Rob revival may be in order? I’d love to see the old crew again 🙂

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