2017 – November 1st

It’s November 1st, and yes! I’m doing NaNoToons again for NaNoWriMo.
For those who have been following NaNoToons for years, you may have noticed I didn’t do them for October. I didn’t even have one for October 31st, which I normally do.
I was even debating whether or not to do them this year! Good grief.
However, I’m pressing forward! I also have to admit, I’m pantsing the NaNoToons this year. Normally, I have them all outlined at least.
Not this year. Oh boy…
I do have Kari Maaren helping with editing again, which is awesome.  I also have Manpans working on a plot to help me out.
And for those who are new to NaNoToons and/or NaNoWriMo, WELCOME! Enjoy the ride! It may get a bit bumpy. Hah!

12 comments on “2017 – November 1st

  1. I was worried too! I kept checking my email… I’m so glad you forged on, Errol! Good luck with Pantsing. I tried that once…terrifying…lol….but you got this!

  2. I can’t even describe the elation I felt when I saw this email on my phone this morning! (Though I was still curious about what combining this with MNE would have looked like, hah!) And Manda helping with plot! NaNoToons pantsing fun sounds good to me!

  3. Oh, Tala…
    I do have to admit that I was worried when I didn’t see any ‘Toons in the past few weeks. Glad to see that I worried for nothing. It’s one of the many things I look forward to every year.

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