2016 – November 22nd

Admittedly, when I was writing this comic, I heard my daughter watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and so I had to put it in. They also like to go through House and 24.

2 comments on “2016 – November 22nd

  1. Oh my God xD I have been in exactly in Tala’s place here once with my sisters. Sometimes when we have an open conversation, I find out that I had been unintentionally annoying my sister with well… my singing, monologue, wonderful idead, etc.
    And I’ll try to be as quiet as I possibly can and that can bother her too and she’ll tell me that yes, I can come in, I won’t be bothering her.
    I’m pretty sure during one of those times, they were watching Gilmore Girls.
    I guess your daughters are excited for this coming new release? Because my sisters are definitely over the moon.

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