27 comments on “2015 – November 28th

  1. I have to say, you definitely have surpassed my expectations. You seem to work really well under pressure 😀
    And this is exactly what I need to get me going ^^ I have 9000 more words to write in 48 hours and 21 minutes.
    I can do this… I can do this….

  2. Oh Mel! I understand you so completely! This NaNoWriMo I’ve learned to write with support and I never would have gotten through this November without my amazing friends and their support.

  3. Definitely a pot boiler. Between the advancing art and the storyline, this is indeed one of the best.
    BTW…Do I see Fran in the audience? She’s probably the one person able to handle Pari in a word war.

  4. Errol, thank you /so much/ for doing these comics. I look forward to them every year, and though I don’t comment often, I always enjoy seeing the day’s comic popping up in my email each day during Nano.
    This year I’m the farthest behind I’ve been in years (8th year doing Nano and I’m at 34k), and right now, when I’ve found out my mother is purposefully trying to derail my writing so maybe I’ll give up and call Nano quits for good, this update has given me strength. I might be far behind and have /so much/ that I need to do for class and a dozen other things, but right now, in these last moments, I’m free, because it’s still November and I am a writer.
    Thank you, and may the plot bunnies be with you!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I had that problem as well last year. It was only my second and my mother suddenly said that she would only support me on mu first year because while it is an interesting experience to own, it is too tine consuming so this year I am not telling my mom and mercifully, she does not remember it this year. Still, writing behind her back and try to not let her catch on things is hard.
      While it is uncommon for mother to not take pride in great attempts such as NaNoWriMo, it does happen. Sometimes they just don’t relate to us, so while trying to give us the best, they can rather cold and unsympathetic. But you’re not alone so don’t give up ^^

      1. Oh wow, I made so many grammar mistakes here. Perhaps it isn’t a good idea to write a comment before going to be at 7am 😛
        Now I wonder what happenned to my story….

    2. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry your environment isn’t conducive to writing. It is hard to juggle with life and writing, isn’t it! Keep on trucking! ^_^

  5. This is the most beautiful nanotoon I’ve seen yet–thank you for the encouragement that goes with it. Happy wordy karma to you! ^_^

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