2015 – November 27th

Yes, things are getting ridiculous, please indulge me. Of course, it took me all evening to finish this comic. Good grief. I’ll stick with normal plots next time.
Edit: Fixed this. Was up late last night and made all sorts of errors. Woops. Sorry!

9 comments on “2015 – November 27th

  1. Well, at least you’re being realistic to the degree that it’s possible (new competitor vs long-time, experienced combatant, new competitor gets used as a mop).

  2. Amazing job, I love NaNoToons so much. I know making plots like these are hard but trust me they are worth it. Thank you so much, and keep the hard work! 😀

  3. It’s a toon. It’s allowed to be ridiculous. LOL
    I love the art work in this one though. Hooray for colors!

    1. Agreed. Indeed, the artwork seems to have taken a leap over the past (and this includes Nov. 28 along with this one and some of the others.

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