2015 – November 11th

There was one show on Netflix called “Kitten Party”. It was a show about kittens having a party.
Reading these nanotoons almost makes me want to do a vlog. And then I think that’s crazy and I come back to reality.

8 comments on “2015 – November 11th

  1. Any ideas I may have had about vlogging were snapped back into reality after I Periscoped at an event this weekend– I watched the videos after and they were blurry, upside-down, and all one could hear was the wind.
    Clearly, video is not for me.

  2. I’ve found Nano vlogging’s a lot of fun. A friend and I have a shared channel and do some of our videos together, so it’s not as terrifying – this is our third year vlogging, which helps a lot.
    Since we have been doing it for a while now, we decided to take the next terrifying step and post it to facebook. Very odd to have friends and professors commenting on Nano shenanigans. o-o

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