2015 – November 8th

Is it November 8th and this is the first time you’ve seen anyone write? Yes. Yes it is. I do admit nanotoons follow my habits more than they follow normal writer habits.
How did you do on Double Up Donation Day? I hope I wrote…

9 comments on “2015 – November 8th

  1. Mr. Mingles! Isn’t that a dog? Though I still haven’t played that one, so what do I know? It’s a good thing the hair colors already gave this otherwise totally real-to-life strip some unrealistic qualities, otherwise it would be strange to believe that both of them knew about Mr. Mingles.

  2. Ugh…yesterday was busy, so I only got 337 words done. Good thing I was already ahead. I hope to make up the slacking today.
    Though I did donate. I did the double day last year but didn’t get the double level gifts. We’ll see if they do better this year.

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