2014 – November 10

Nanotoons_2014_11_10Errol: I know some people are sick of selfies, but I’m not. I think today should be #NaNoSelfie day. I shall take one! ^_^ (If you take a #NaNoSelfie, please tag me on Instagram (debsanderrol) or twitter (debsanderrol)!
Oh, the great thing about Kari is that she hasn’t learned all the names yet. So she calls people “That guy with the hat” or “Bald guy”. ^_^ It doesn’t help that I rarely use people’s names. Maybe I should give her a crib sheet. Or we can tweet her the names of characters!

11 comments on “2014 – November 10

  1. I don’t know the names either, even after a couple of years. I am really bad with names, though, unless I see them written down several times. Plus, any more than three or four new names to remember just causes my brain to generate an error message and shut down that particular function.

    1. Sometimes, I would write mix their names up. And then I’d stop and think, “Wait, which one is named Dave?” I don’t think it helped that now I get all their names mixed up with NaNoMusical people…

  2. I’ve been here for a couple years too and I can’t remember the names sometimes ^_^ It’s the break between Novembers I think…

  3. Two of my sisters were over last night (one of whom is doing NaNo for the first time this year) and NaNoToons came up. The sister who is not doing NaNo said she’d read a couple I’d shared and Facebook, and she was pretty much always confused. After I explained the NoWD and fundraising aspect, she understood more. And then I clarified which character was which, and suddenly she thought they were hilarious. I’m not sure why the name understanding helped so much, but I’m glad she likes them!

  4. How fun the whole of it. I have taken a selfie with my pony that my first nano was about so I think that counts, just haven’t gotten to uploading it yet.

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