2014 – November 4

Errol: By the way, how did you hear about NaNoToons? Sometimes I just think it’s those that already know of it that check, because it’s not really advertised anywhere.

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  1. I think I found you from the NaNo site. Honestly, I’ve slept since then and I don’t remember. Maybe from Facebook? I follow your page on Facebook. That’s how I get here every day now. 😀

  2. I’ve read every single NaNoToons to date I started two or three years ago started at the beginning and loved every single one of them. And I actually heard about NaNoToons a couple years ago from a friend… Who’s done NaNoWriMo at least two years. This is my first year and already I feel like Dave normally does. Behind. But determined to make it to the end. First thing when I wake up each day I read the new NaNoToons for inspiration. I’m a word count equivalent of I’m 2 and 3/4 days worth of words behind but I’m determined to make the dead line.

  3. They used to be on the NaNoWriMo website which is how I found out about it…are they not there anymore?
    Also, I feel like Jen is sad cuz she’s losing her friend Rob to the girlfriend. I’d like to see some of Rob and Jen’s closeness return. Because Jen is already stressed enough…I don’t want her to be sad on top of that!

  4. Jen’s face is precious.
    And I, too, found NaNoToons on the NaNo site. And the ‘Toons are how I found D&E, as well.
    I find things through things a lot.

  5. I love Jen’s face in that third panel. 😀 I found NaNoToons through the NaNoWriMo website. I think it was because they’d linked to it? It was either the year before or the year that they actually had posted them on the site. 🙂

  6. Yup, I started following it when it used to be advertised on the site. Now I have the page liked on facebook so that I’ll know right away when it comes back every year!

  7. Just came back from FB too 🙂 I also follow you on Twitter. NaNoToons have been one of my favorite thing about NaNoWriMo for years!

  8. I found it surfing Pinterest when look up writing stuff earlier last month. I think I’ve read all of previous years of NaNoToons when I searched Pinterest for them, then decided to find the 2014 ‘Toons.
    Do you know how disappointed I was when I discovered that they weren’t out yet? (Note that this was early October.)

  9. I also found NaNoToons when it was advertized on the NaNo site awhile ago. I wish they would put it back on there! I had a friend of mine (who actually doesn’t do NaNo, but she writes) read them last year, but she moved so I don’t know if she still is.

  10. I’ve found it when I saw one of the comics posted at WritersWrite, a Facebook fanpage. I’m brazilian, by the way, and the NaNoToons actually make me feel better for not write this november.

  11. I think I got it from the site? I’ve been following it for four years now… so I don’t really remember. I’m pretty sure it was the site.

  12. Yep…heard about it on the NaNo site a couple years ago. I’m much upset that the NaNo site doesn’t put you up on the dashboard anymore. I also wish they would post the NaNo vids on the dashboard too. Why do they expect me to find distractions on my own??

  13. I found NaNoToons in 2012, when it was listed on the main site. I discovered them just in time to watch the musical unfold, and then went on from there.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who read Jen’s words there (especially in panel 3) in Errol’s voice.

  14. I think it was the NaNo site, yes. I often read up on the old comics while waiting for November. I know you’re busy but have you ever considering doing them for Camp NaNoWriMo, maybe the July one?
    Also, have there been mouse-over comments this whole time and I had no idea?! XD

  15. I saw something on the NaNo site in 2012 and binge-read all the existing comics while I was waiting for NaNo to start that year. Since then I’ve just gotten them in my emails 🙂

  16. I found out about it on the NaNo site, it was like an advertise for “procrastinate with a NaNo comic, then get back to writing!!” XD this was last year, in like the middle of November.

  17. Nonagons are one of the highlights of my nano every year. Someone recommended your nano to modern major general and that led to the toons and I LOVE THEM

  18. I’ve been reading your Nanotoon’s for years. They are my reward for getting my daily quota of words done. When I’m finished I can go read the Nanotoon and I love reading them!

  19. I think there used to be a link on the NaNoWriMo website, and after discovering the awesomeness that way I’ve started using it as word count rewards and remember to track it down via Google search…. great writing! *squints* I don’t think that counts as English…ah well. good night, fellow Wrimos!

  20. Found this comic by the nanowrimo site last year. I have you bookmarked on pipreka, a webcomic tracking site, and they told me when you started posting again.

  21. I used to read them when they were on the NaNoWriMo website. Then I watched the NaNoWriMo musical this year which reminded me of the Nanotoons and then I (metaphorically) tore apart the NaNoWriMo website looking for them, before finally doing a website search for the word “Nanotoons”, which ended up as a search of the forums, which brought me to your post on the “Anyone doing webcomics?” thread confirming you were still creating them which *finally* gave me the brilliant idea of doing a Google-search for them.
    Then I found here. ^.^

  22. I found nanotoons on tumblr last year and actually seeing one this year on tumblr reminded me to come back. I don’t know how you manage to do a comic AND nano, but you can mark me down as impressed.

  23. I found it years ago (when there was a link from main nano site. But I’m ML for my region and make sure all my writers visit nanotoons to procrastinate.

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