2014 – November 1

Nanotoons_2014_11_01Errol: Darn it, I never got a chance for Kari to edit this, so if there are all sorts of errors, you must forgive me. Hopefully, I can finish a bunch of them today! Oh man, how are YOU guys doing on your novel.

12 comments on “2014 – November 1

  1. I’m working with what I’ve affectionately called a NaNoDilemma. If I want to get 50k, I’ve got to do it in ten days. I’m a little sluggish at 800, but still typing ahead.

  2. Just over 1,000 words I hope I can work on my good ol story tonight after movie night with my other writing freak friend.

  3. Currently standing on 1 889 and losing steam fast. Lettings things distract me now so I have and excuse to take a longer break… Going to push through. Want to do 3 200 by the end of the day to start the week off. Hold thumbs.

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