2 comments on “2014 – October 23

  1. They keep minutes on their planning meetings? Is this some kind of ML thing? Because they’re not all MLs this year, are they? Or is this some kind of normal thing in your region? (I know now that they’re not from Toronto, but their region is obviously modeled after yours, at least in regards to events.) And while I’m on the subject, did you only make them American because our Thanksgiving is during NaNo, so you could have them celebrating it in the NaNoToons, or was that just a coincidence?

    1. Good question. Victoria used to be an ML so I think she just helps out at the NaNo ML meetings they have. Bea IS an ML. I think the rest of them tag along because they’re all friends. 😀
      Furthermore, I made them American because the majority of the readers are American and would relate to an American Thanksgiving! ^_^

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