2014 – October 21

Nanotoons_2014_10_21Errol: This year, I asked a good friend of mine, Kari Maaren, to help with editing. She’s also a geek musician and we have played together many times. This is all part of my plan to get all the geek bands with webcomics to help me out with NaNoToons! Hah! ^_^

4 comments on “2014 – October 21

  1. Road trips are definitely more fun for me if I don’t have to drive too. I don’t know where these guys live (though I’m guessing somewhere in Canada), but are they driving 4 days to get there?

      1. I had forgotten about that. At least I didn’t miss some glaringly obvious reference to a city they live in or something. But they are definitely in the eastern half of the US to have to leave that early.

  2. Uh… isn’t that going to seriously cramp regular NaNo writing for them? xD *sigh* Jen is just going to get worked up and freak out… again.

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