29 comments on “2013 – November #19

  1. Actually, I thought Rob and Jen were an item O.o I mean… more than any other, it’s his word-count she’s obsessed with beating, she always tries to pester him into writing… to me, it read like a relationship xD (Besides, Rob’s panic level hits about 3000% when Dave drops in lol)

        1. NOOOO! You cant kill my ship like that! Your an evil writer and I will hate you and hunt you and NOOOO! Im gonna boycott your books and writings and AAH! asagdafaagg
          …on a calmer note, I should’ve seen it coming. Ah. Alright. Let me go down with Rob/Jen ship.

  2. I, too, was thinking he and Jen were more an item as well, and that Bea was more like… A shiny toy to keep Rob interested in NaNo or something… xD;

  3. At the end of that comic, I imagined Rob and Bea off somewhere writing together, and the first few notes of “Where Were You” went through my head. Like I wasn’t the only one…

  4. Yeah……..I’ve been shipping them since Bea refused to acknowledge that Rob was there and willing to be the guy she was looking for……I personally believe that Rob is a secret romantic at heart……..:3

  5. I’m a bit surprised. And Rob and Jen may have gone more brother and sister now, but who knows about the future? There is so much potential…which keeps us coming back for more. It must be part of your dastardly plan, Errol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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