2013 – October Prologue #6


Huzzah! Saturday, I wrote up the script for November NanoToons 1-17! And Vix proofed them already, all good! ^_^ Now I have to get to drawing them but I’m halfway there! Huzzah!
And I also did a blog post on the D&E website a few days back. I call it NaNoWriMo Etiquette – 6 Things. I hope it wasn’t too harsh.

21 comments on “2013 – October Prologue #6

  1. But Rob!!!!!!! What will we do at our write-ins if you’re not there pushing us to eat chips!!!!!!!! That’s when we get in our most writing because we use that as an excuse not to!!!!!!!!! 😛

  2. Now I kinda feel bad for planning not to do Nano this year… lol… I guess I should figure out what to write about if I change my mind. I had lots of fun last year. These comics remind me of it :3

    1. I remember you from last year! :^) Come join the fun! (If things are really crazy, just set a smaller personal goal for 20,000 or something. You’ll learn from the writing!)

      1. Hah! I remember you too! ^_^ Yeah, I may have to set a smaller goal. But hey, can’t hurt to try for 50k, I can probably make it (/gets carried away easily)

    1. 🙁 I’m so sorry, Christen. There isn’t going to be a musical this year. It was… really, really, really hard. And then Debs & Errol released their EP. And we have four gigs in November. It was just… insane this year!

  3. Hey, it’s my eighth year, too! And I have the same losing streak! I still do it every year, because I can’t imagine a November without it.

      1. I’m a 7th year…….my mom found NaNo when I was 11…….I’ve done it every year in some form but my word counts were to pitiful to talk about……….until the past four years that is!!!!! ^-^

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