34 comments on “2012 – November #23

  1. YAY FOR TIM! =D
    Ed, I’m sure Fran would be quite happy to slay you!
    On a side note: first comment!
    On another side note: Wow, really? Only one more weekend? Last friday of the month? This month really IS going by fast! :O I’ll never catch up! Hopefully I’ll hit 30-35K at least! Oh well. I had fun. 😉

      1. I’ll reply to both your comments here. 🙂
        On ninja’d- Thanks. I picked it up from my friend, who picked it up from…. Actually, I don’t know where she picked it up from. XD
        Oh well. It’s still an awesome word.
        On word goals- Exactly. 30-35K is more than I usually write in a year, let alone a month. I had fun and now I have a wonderful beginning to my story! Totally worth it. =) And I’ll be back next year, trying for that elusive 50K again! ;D
        Oh, and GO TIM! ;D I like smiling Tim better than sad Tim. He looks so excited. I hope it’s great news!

  2. If Snoopy can get an agent interested in his novel, there’s hope for us all!
    I’m on track for finishing NaNo, but my novel won’t be done. It took me half the month to actually come up with a plot, and I’ve written 2 scenes multiple times (one of them, after writing again, I realized the first one was still better). I guess it’s my version of editing, but not deleting. I’ll have to learn some serious self-discipline to keep writing regularly after NaNo, because I really want to finish this novel and see what I can do with it.
    Hm, that may have been too much information for a web comic comment. In closing, I’ll just say that I really like Dave and the way he is with Victoria. I was very happy to see him show up.

  3. I actually felt sorry for Ed 0.o
    And Debbie, at first I thought you were saying to aim for 250,500 words in a day! Silly me. xD I’m thinking that maybe I should set a small goal and keep writing, since I’m on the forums and that probably means I write more words than I think… although, to novel I may have to give up the forum-ing and other online-ness, which I don’t know if I can do since it’s practically my entire social life… -_- Never mind, I can always finish next month.
    Funny to think NaNo is nearly over, so quickly. I have really enjoyed it so far and will definitely give it another go next year… next year is after all not so far away. (Scarily close, actually.)
    I’ll miss coming here to check the daily comics 🙂

      1. Oh, I check that as well! It’s awesome! 😀 Is it daily all year, or just November?
        Yes, I’d imagine it is hard… especially with noveling at the same time. And all of the other organising stuff you do. (Reading those comics makes me wish I was over there, involved in it all, or that there was something like that here.) 😛
        I’ve tried doing webcomics before but it kind of didn’t work… I may try again though with a set of characters to keep using, inspired by this blog. 😀

    1. Allo! And yes, Debs and Errol is daily! And it’d be great to see your web comic! 🙂 oh, and I saw you on YouTube too! Still trying to get caught up on comments here! 🙂

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