19 comments on “2012 – November #20

  1. Lol. Classic Ed. Come to kind of it, I don’t know if any pickup lines work. Although a character in my novel seems to like them very much (they really aren’t helping him either, though).
    I also reached 50k today! So excited. Still have about 25k more to write before the story is complete. 🙂

    1. I’d been sitting at 13000 words until yesterday. I’ve now got 18,500 because of my boyfriend’s little pep talk, although that’s still way far behind. I’ve never written so much in one day, ever!
      Wherever you are in your novel, don’t give up! Just hack away at it little bits at a time. Good luck!

    2. Don’t worry about anyone else! If I worried about what everyone else thought, I’d probably never have gotten around to doing these comics, or the musical! 🙂

  2. If I was lucky enough to actually have I boyfriend (which I’m probably not xDD) he would have to be a Wrimo for many reasons:
    -He can make me tea
    -Competing for highest WC
    -He’ll understand why I’m acting like a serial killer, because he’ll be the exact same way
    -Encouraging each other to write
    -He can make me tea

  3. I once did exactly that when a drunken idiot tried to a) mock me for writing while on vacation and b) then saying he was also a writer since he was a blogger. Close laptop, disappear.
    Love your cartoons guys! The first nano I did back in 2009 was so awesome in part because I would relate to the characters so much and I’d laugh so hard! Nanotoons are awesome!

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