2012 – November #19

Errol: Monday! New Week! We only have one more weekend left! Crazy! 😀
Debbie: Fran is wise. I tend to do the same thing, so am going to try a new approach in my current novel. Outline first, then write fast, THEN revise.

11 comments on “2012 – November #19

  1. No! I don’t want the writing insanity to end just yet. November is my favorite month of the year (all because of NaNo), and I hate to think it’s almost two-thirds over. But at least it’s been a good month so far (I’m on track to hit 50k tomorrow…or, I guess much much later this evening, since it’s past midnight here).

  2. Noooo! One more weekend left. I don’t know How I’ll survive without NaNoWriMo. ast year I came back to check this site constantly when NaNoWriMo was out! I will surely Not survive!

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